Car Test Drives December 2023?

Was wondering if anyone knows of any car test drives that give you gift cards that are out now? I’m in Virginia and i’ve done two recently. Any response appreciated!

You mentioned that you have done 2 recently but don’t mention which dealers you have been able to get a gift card for a test drive with, what 2 dealers have you done? I know that Subaru has an offer for a $50 visa for a test drive. Go to their national website and use it to find the website for your local dealership, on local dealership website press new inventory and play around, select a car and it should show somewhere towards the top about getting a price for your local area. Press that and it should bring up a pop up, fill out the form and you get the coupon to print out, take it to dealership and blah blah blah and get emailed $50 gift card. I’m looking for other dealerships with this offer so please help a homie out please