2024 Ford Escape

Every time I have logged in over the past few weeks an ad comes up from a local car dealer for a 2024 Escape with the sticker being 32K, It’s starting to pique my interest.

Called the dealer and they gave me some basic information (financing etc.) and emailed me a link.
They have 60 months @ 2.99 financing available.

On the link they had a “dealer discount” that pushed it down to 29,447.

I have no car payment which I like but was wondering with my trade in (Cruze with 24,000 miles) and the 2.99 financing the payment would probably be pretty cheap, figuring they might give me 14-15K for my trade ?.

My thought process is that it might not be a bad idea, who knows how much prices will increase in the future and the Cruze of course is losing value.

I’m contemplating semi retiring within the next year or 2 (I was born during the JFK administration) and this could be my last or second to last vehicle ever.

Does anyone have any info or experience on this year and model ? pitfalls ?

I’ve used Consumer Reports for over 40 years when evaluating autos and they seem to be pretty good at predicting reliability etc. as it is data submitted by subscribers. The Escape does not do well in comparing to other like models.

OK to be honest we are going to look at an Escape also. We get Z plan and currently have a 2014 Escape that we are tired of, due to the poor ride quality.

You need to determine what is important to you and your driving habits. Looks like you are a low mileage person if your Cruze has that low of mileage. Don’t expect much for your Cruze on a trade. Use KBB to value it.

Dealers are starting to stack inventory since covid so the deals will continue to get better over the course of the year.

Personally I want an SUV that rides better but my wife wants something with some zip to it. We are looking at the 2.0L versions. The 1.5L turbo 3 cylinders have had some issues.

Anyway, prioritize features that are important to you and look at cars based on that, along with reliability.

My company leases Ford Escapes for their field sales team. I’ve ridden in quite a few. Seem to be decent vehicles. Some people prefer them to Foresters (they can sometimes get those instead).

I use Consumer Reports a lot as well but I don’t necessarily rule things in or out based on just their tests. There are many, many car reviews posted on YouTube and websites such as U.S. News, Edmunds, Car and Driver, etc.

The cost will depend on the trim level, options, etc. If I were you I would come up with a fair price in your mind and then offer the dealer $2,000 less. That gives you $2,000 of negotiating room for your trade-in. If you’re sure you want it, buy it on the afternoon of the last day of the month. Actually don’t tell them you want it - act nonchalant and say you’re still shopping around. They’ll give you a rock-bottom price so they can book it on their April inventory and not risk going until May.

I have bad news about the Escape . . .

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Is there something wrong with the Cruze? 24,000 miles is still “new”. And there’s a lot to be said for having NO car payment.

My thought process is that it might not be a bad idea, who knows how much prices will increase in the future and the Cruze of course is losing value.

Don’t most cars usually lose value?!?

I’m of a different mindset – I pay off my car and drive it until it’s at the end of its lifespan.

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