Disable chip key system in 20 year old car

If a metal key can be copied from my existing chip key for you 2005 Toyota 4runner, I would like to disable the chip key system. Is it possible?

My last car was a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo. Back then GM was using a key with a little diode. So you had to have a key with the correct cut and the right diode.

When the car got old enough you weren’t worried about theft you might want to disable that system. I never did it, but I found a guy online who found a diode with the right Ohms and hard wired it underneath the steering column. Now you could use a older GM key with the correct cut, but without the diode.

I never had to do it but I thought that was pretty slick loophole.

Actually I think GM used resistors in the keys, not diodes. There were 15 different values. I had a 76 Camaro with the VAT key. I was going to try to bypass it by hardwiring a resistor in the column but then I decided not to.

I had my car towed to the dealer after an accicent. The car was stolen off the lot (in hindsight it was probably an inside job). In any event, I decided more security was better than less.

I hope that dealer compensated you for the theft!

Yes, GM’s system was VAT. For it’s time it was pretty good security for a car.