Best way to avoid catalytic converter theft

Are any of the anti theft of catalytic converters effective. Looking to protect a 2018 Toyota Tacoma Offroad.

related question… are these thefts taking place mostly with high ground clearance vehicles, trucks and SUVs? If so, I’m not sure I have to worry… I run a Kia Optima sedan, I literally cannot squeeze my head underneath that vehicle at all.

Sometimes the thieves jack up the car to steal the Converters. Here is a case in which the car fell on top of the thief , killing him.


Sorry, I have none but amazed how some recommend engraving the car’s license number on the converter. Makes NO sense but many still believe it.

“Hey, we can’t take this one. It’s got a number on it!”

Yeah, right…


Disguise it as an EV… :nerd_face:

This is a big problem in TX where lots of pickups with high clearance. Muffler shops & larger auto repair shops have addressed this by welding cages around the CCs.
NOTICE - if you are a victim best to get original factory replacements NOT after market. Be prepared to fight insurance on this issue if you have coverage.

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I guess my question is answered. I have low clearance

Most cases of CC theft I hear about involve jacking up the vehicle. The issue I think is small cars have 1 CC and some if not all of the larger V8 pickups have 2. In Houston thieves seem to target T Tundra PU V8 that have 2 CC & are very heavy so I guess more money for the thief.

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“Chopper Sick…” Stand By Me 1986
think there are shields actually