Hotel Loyalty Disapointment

Clark often makes travel recommendations but after almost 20 years and the nearly top tier membership I am shocked to report that after checking in to a IHG group hotel in TN with a guaranteed reservation and pd in advance with a travel gc and cc. I arrived to find the room dirty and all the linens from the bed and bath piled on the bed. Last room in hotel and only 1 employ on duty at this newer hotel. Seems like that should be a county/state code violation with over 300 people in hotel. No one could clean room immediately for use and after contact with CS I was given extra points (less than 1/2 required to spend the night at this hotel). and refusal to refund either the travel card $100 amt OR their charge of $93 to my IHG credit card.

I wrote to IGH executive Chris Zoloth, Director Customer Experience and was passed off to a CS rep. However, my disappoint in IHG rewards program is huge. They will not explain why they refused to refund my money or at the very least, credit the money back to my IHG cc. They did offer me 10,000 points for a room they require 22,000 points per night.
NOTE; I included pictures of the room and details about conversations with staff who spoke to me from home. The assistant mgr said " We can’t clean the room tonight but I promise I will be sure to see that your room is the first one cleaned in the morning." UNBELIEVABLE. IHG is one of the top rated loyalty programs and fits well with our leisure travel routes.

Thank goodness I copied the gift card company THEY reloaded the gift card AND reimbursed the the IHG credit card amount of $93.00 charge. This was my first use of this companies gift card and I am so impressed I can not tell you.

After contacting many hotels and finding all of the Murfreesboro hotels fully booked. At nearly 11:00 PM we returned to the road and searched for lodging. How does one trust anyone for reservations today?

Old Seinfeld episode: “Anyone can take a reservation, but the important part is holding the reservation.”

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Two-decade HiltonHonors member here. Booked one night at Hilton Garden Inn, Kauai. Had Honors points for the other two nights. Prepayment of the first night was required. I prepaid as required, but when I checked out of the hotel there was “no record” of my prepayment. I had documentation of the prepayment, however, the hotel wouldn’t budge. I tried to work with Hilton to resolve the double charge for a couple of months without success. Ultimately, I put the charge in dispute with AMEX and the double charge was resolved and a credit was issued. I stayed exclusively at Hilton properties for two decades. No more. The other lesson: will never, ever prepay a hotel stay.