Very bad rental experience with dollar rental

I have recently booked a mid size rental car with dollar (from Capital one travel with a prepaid reservation) . When I arrived at the rental car center at Atlanta airport (after a long flight from west coast), there was a long line. At some point they announced there is a six hour wait and every body dispersed. While I was trying to make calls/searches to find out any cars from other companies, I called capital one travel. The agent seems to have been able to get hold of someone and they said they would be able to rent me a car. I then went to the counter after another standing in line for another hour. When I finally reached the counter, they told me they have a SUV. I have a choice of taking it for additional $50 per day or waiting another 6 hours. Being tired, I took the offer. But when I reached the lot, there were cars that were mid size. I just felt I was fleeced. When I complained to capital one, they just threw their hands up. Just posting here to vent how unprofessional this company is. Dont ever book from them and assume things will work out. Also, wondering if there is any thing I can do to get any money back.

It sounds like they had some kind of systems meltdown. 6 hours?

If you had a reservation for a vehicle and all they could provide was a larger vehicle they should have given it to you for the same price.

I would do a chargeback claim with the credit card company.

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I wonder if perhaps it is because you did not rent directly through Dollar? Since Capitol One Travel gets a discount and Dollar has t ogive them monet in effect, that Dollar holds a certain number of carrs for their own directly-rented reservations.

It remonds me about people on Shark Tank who re doing great iwith sales on Social Media and their own website, but are hell-bent too sell in Walmart or Costco. They are always asked, why do you want to give up a bunch of you profit tto sell more items. There is a point when you sell more cheaply to more people and make less.