Have You Bought Glasses From Costco Optical?

I am assuming that you have not yet made a decision yet on type of artificial lens for your cataract surgery. The type of artificial lens you choose will determine whether your need for glasses after cataract surgery. A monofocal lens will correct only near or distance vision. Some individuals may have lens issues that could limit their choices.
Note the second link- many ophthalmology residents and ophthalmologists would choose a monofocal lens for themselves.


I am aware that monofocal lenses do not correct vision. Cataract surgery is not something you go back to upgrade…it is once and done (unless something goes wrong). I intend to select whatever lenses my opthamologist believes will give me the absolutely best vision, with the goal of not needing glasses post surgery.

Because i wear contacts, i have to not wear them for at least six weeks before they evaluate me for the specific lenses i need. Because of other things i have going on in which i feel i need to continue with my contacts until mid-June, that evaluation cant occur until late july or so…

SonoranSilkies:.There are trade-offs worth discussing with your ophthalmologist. Some adverse effects are more common after multifocal lens implants including glare and haloes.

I always ask lots of questions, and I’ll be sure to ask about things like that.

I bought 2 pairs from costco, and I was happy with them, turn around was a week on the glasses, the staff was wonderful and worked with me, in finding the frames that fit and looked nice, I can’t buy my glasses online because my prescription is so strong, I found out that they did not accept my insurance, that was no problem to me as I was getting a good price anyway.

My Costco sucks at making adjustments to my frame. I take my Costco glasses to All American Eyeglass Repair, pay $25, and always leave satisfied.

I had progressives made at Costco, and they totally stank. The reading zone went way up too high. I refused to accept them, they made non-progressive single visions for me for no extra charge.

I joined Costco for the purported optical department value. Went to my local location and visited optical greeted by friendly staff was shown the frames , which was a absolute minimal selection of mostly low end plastic .
I managed to find a choice for reading glass frames and ordered upgraded sigle vision lenses.

fast forward , time to renew membership the frames were unsatisfying I took a pass. the Costco overall experience is not my cup of tea.
I prefer a emphasis on quality and broad selection , not Costco curated product SKU’s.

While I did have a positive experience with Costco, I must say that my experience buying frames at GlassesUSA.com was truly exceptional. Not only did I find a wider selection of frames to choose from, but the ease of browsing online and the personalized recommendations made the shopping process effortless. Plus, GlassesUSA.com offers innovative features like virtual try-on, ensuring I found the perfect fit without leaving my home. The convenience, variety, and attention to detail surpassed my expectations, making it my go-to destination for eyewear purchases.

Costco badly messed up progressive lenses. I warned them I needed the reading portion to stay low in my field of vision, but their very inexperienced techs did the opposite. They refunded me.

I had retinal surgery and also cataract procedure. My eyes kept changing over a period of several months and my eye doc adjusted the prescription each time. Costco made every one of these changes at no charge…4 of them! Including a pair of sunglasses. Outstanding customer service!


For many years, I have had my eyes checked by our Ophthalmologist and then have the prescription filled at Costco. It is very important that the frame fits your face - something that cannot be done with on-line vendors. I agree the selection may be limited but I have discovered that each Costco location carries slightly different inventory. In the end, I found two frames that I liked from two different locations - took a picture of both.

I went to my local Costco and they ordered both frames. Both frames were fine for my face. The deal was $50 off second pair, and an additional $10 off if the second pair is sunglasses - not a fan of Transition lenses. They took measurements and when the glasses arrived, no adjustments to the frames were necessary.

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I’ve purchased progressive lenses at Costco in the past and have a new prescription to fill. Before heading the store I googled to learn of any changes at the Optical counter. I found on reddit posted 3 mo ago that Costco changed vendors without official statement. They now use HOYA and plenty of customers are complaining and returning to the store to remake their progressive lenses again. I do shop for the price at Costco so I will try the new lenses myself, but note to all members… Costco does offer 90 day free returns.

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I recently had to take the glasses back to Costco because the lenses were scratched and the tech looked them over and asked what I used to clean them, told her and she looked up on the computer for my purchase from there and told me they were under warranty, The warranty is for one year, and they would replace the lenses at no charge, and they Took less time than what I was told and I got them back.

Have always bought my Transition eye glasses from Costco with no problems - so when I needed a new prescription went in to get new glasses. Just got the new glasses and they are worthless! Bought the Transition Lens - same as before - but these new ones - do not transition when out in the sun - Have been back to Costco twice - they have put under their UV light and lens do transition in the store - once I walk outside in direct sunlight - they lighten up - returned to the store - got nowhere with the clerks - They told me it has to do with the temperature outside - if it’s hot they will not transition - ALL of my other transition lens darken outside - even took in an “old” pair to show them - The clerk said the Transition lens are not designed to replace sunglasses but their ad clearly states different - so now I have a pair of glasses that can only be worn inside - what a waste of money!!

A year ago I got a new prescription from Casey Eye Institute. Progressives. I bought one pair from Costco and one pair from Zenni. I like both though the Costco version has greater clarity throughout the lens, where the Zenni version is a bit more fuzzy at the edges. I saved a bit with Zenni but got to talk to a real person at Costco. More frame choices at Zenni. Zenni stores your prescription so replacement is as easy as going online if you need to. Costco is an hour drive for me. Both choices good. Minor differences

I agree it is better to get your new prescription from someone other than Costco but yes purchase your new glasses from Costco!

Had a bad experience with the Costco eye Dr and I’ll leave it there.

I am going on my second pair of glasses from Costco and I am absolutely thrilled the glasses and lens are top notch, im completely happy with Costco

The Eye doctor at Costco is an independent consultant and merely rents space from Costco.

I have my annual visit with an Ophthalmologist and have the prescription filled at Costco if I need new glasses.

Costco does have the satisfaction guarantee.