Have You Bought Glasses From Costco Optical?

I am assuming that you have not yet made a decision yet on type of artificial lens for your cataract surgery. The type of artificial lens you choose will determine whether your need for glasses after cataract surgery. A monofocal lens will correct only near or distance vision. Some individuals may have lens issues that could limit their choices.
Note the second link- many ophthalmology residents and ophthalmologists would choose a monofocal lens for themselves.


I am aware that monofocal lenses do not correct vision. Cataract surgery is not something you go back to upgrade…it is once and done (unless something goes wrong). I intend to select whatever lenses my opthamologist believes will give me the absolutely best vision, with the goal of not needing glasses post surgery.

Because i wear contacts, i have to not wear them for at least six weeks before they evaluate me for the specific lenses i need. Because of other things i have going on in which i feel i need to continue with my contacts until mid-June, that evaluation cant occur until late july or so…

SonoranSilkies:.There are trade-offs worth discussing with your ophthalmologist. Some adverse effects are more common after multifocal lens implants including glare and haloes.

I always ask lots of questions, and I’ll be sure to ask about things like that.

I bought 2 pairs from costco, and I was happy with them, turn around was a week on the glasses, the staff was wonderful and worked with me, in finding the frames that fit and looked nice, I can’t buy my glasses online because my prescription is so strong, I found out that they did not accept my insurance, that was no problem to me as I was getting a good price anyway.

My Costco sucks at making adjustments to my frame. I take my Costco glasses to All American Eyeglass Repair, pay $25, and always leave satisfied.

I had progressives made at Costco, and they totally stank. The reading zone went way up too high. I refused to accept them, they made non-progressive single visions for me for no extra charge.