Has the Statute of limitations for debt collection been extended to 10 years in some instances?

Was contacted by a company that says they have documents to deliver to my wife. They have been calling her brother too and he has asked them to stop calling him,but they will not. I have assumed this is a scam so we just don’t answer. Her brother doesn’t understand that and thinks they are legit. I finally called the number back and they said they have a bad debt in her name from a lawyer’s office for a Syncrhony Bank credit account that was closed in 2016. When I mentioned that the statute of limitations has run out for that the lady on the line said that for some, and I don’t remember the exact term she used, but for some suit ready, or court ready, or whatever ready claims the statute of limitations was extended to 10 years by some law that Trump signed in. They evidently have been sending the notice to an address we haven’t lived at in over 15 years. I did not admit the debt was ours and said to send me the notice. My question is this legit, or was she lying to me about the statute of limitations. Waiting to get notice from them to see what exact account this was supposed to be for, as Synchrony Bank handles credit cards for many places, so I don’t know if this was even really for her or not. They are supposedly sending me an email via DocuSign.

File a complaint here: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/

Here’s what ChatGPT said in response to the question.

“Has he statute of limitations been extended to 10 years on some debts by Trump ?”
“As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, I am not aware of any specific action taken by former President Donald Trump to extend the statute of limitations on debts to 10 years. Changes to the statute of limitations typically fall under state jurisdiction, and it’s unlikely that a single action by a president would have a broad and direct impact on such laws. However, please note that my information might be outdated, and I recommend checking with more recent sources or legal experts for the most up-to-date information on this topic.”

Ok Thanks. So I got a Docusign settlement offer from them via email at 5:54pm EST, at 7:50pm EST I got another email from docusign saying it had been rescinded due to non-response. They had the due date of today on it. When I got the email I looked at it briefly while I was at the grocery store, was going to look at it in more detail after I fixed supper. This seems very scammy to me. I’d just like to get the phone calls to stop to my brother in law. He’s mad at us because these people are calling them. He can’t not answer the phone, he runs his own business and he thinks it is legit and we just don’t want to deal with it / pay it. These people have never sent us a physical letter, they claim they did to an address we lived at over 15 years ago. Now I don’t have the physical address (not sure it was in the offer or not) to send a drop dead letter to. The company was S C S Group, and they said it was for some attorney’s office Steinberg and Cohen (not sure of the spelling since I no longer have access to the settlement offer letter). And it was for a debt they said she owned to Synchrony Bank, which may or may not be a legit debt considering all the companies they do store cards for. My wife is unsure if she had one in 2016 and the settlement offer letter I saw didn’t specify which store card it would have been for.

Seems that the collection agency is playing games. You can do a search to find the statute of limitations on the web site of your state government. Each state has its own statute of limitations on the various types of debt.
Link to the Consumer Finance Protection bureau main debt collection page which includes a section on harassment by a debt collector .

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

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