Any idea where Synchrony is getting my (old) phone numbers to retrieve a one-time passcode?

Attached is a screenshot of what I’m prompted with when I try to change anything in my profile within the Synchrony/Amazon card app. I called a rep at the number listed there and she “thought” they were pulled from my Credit file at one of the bureaus. Well thanks to Clark’s instructions, I was able to reach a live person at each of the three. And while all three had old numbers, NONE had the two listed in the screenshot.

So where in the world are they coming from and how do I remove them??

That’s nothing, you should see what data is on some of the sites out there.
Tell them to remove it under TCPA, then if they contact you on it, you might get $500-$1,500 per violation.

I would tell them to remove but don’t know from where the info is retrieved.

Goggle your old phone number and see what comes up.

Ok I found one of the numbers on a site called (then used their removal tool to erase my records).

The other number I don’t recognize and cannot find anywhere.