Calls from Radius Global Solutions

I’ve been receiving calls lately from Radius Global Solutions. They ask for me by name, and then want me to verify my last 4 of my SS#, DOB, address, etc. before they would even tell me what kind of company they are. I refused to give out any of my personal information and after the call ended, I looked them up online. Seems they are a debt collector. Strange, since I have excellent credit with no late payments, etc. I pulled my credit reports and there’s nothing on there. So now what do I do to get rid of them?

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Sounds like identity theft may have happened.

More likely they just have you mixed up with someone of a similar name. Or, if for example they have the account of someone named John Smith, they are just going through all the John Smith phone numbers hoping to eventually find the correct person.

Turns out that was exactly what was the case - someone with my same name (including middle initial), but different social & DOB. They said that they were going to remove my phone # from the record.

What info did you provide for them to realize it was not you and to go away.

Last 4 of my SSN & my DOB. I first checked them out and when I called them back, I used the number on their website.

Oh Webmackster! I hope that works out for you, and that the web site you found was not simply set up to make unsuspecting marks think the company was legit.