Contacting the IRS


I am hoping that someone can help me. I filed my 2021 taxes in April. In June, I received a notification from the IRS stating that I owed an additional 728.96. The letter explains that this is for the 2021 stimulus related early release of child tax credits. In previous years, I filed jointly with my now ex wife and together we claimed her daughter on our taxes. We were divorced in 2021 and filed separately for that year. She received the child tax stimulus check, but I did not. Nor did I claim the child on my 2021 taxes. This should be something that would be easily explained to someone at the IRS, but I can not find any way to establish communication with the IRS. In the letter I received, there is a contact phone number if you feel you do not owe the additional tax, but I have called the number over 10 times now and continue to get a message saying that their call volume is too high and they can’t take my call. I have tried contacting my local IRS office as well, but just get looped back to the same automated phone system and the same frustrating message.

I was given 60 days to address the issue per the letter, but I can’t figure how to address it when the only way to to dispute is to call and they won’t take calls! Does anyone here know how I can reach an actual person at the IRS to get this figured out?! I am down to about 15 days before the 60 days noted in the letter.


Ask your congress person or senator for assistance.

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I had a similar letter, but in my case I actually owed the tax, so I paid it.
The letter included an address for disputing the amount, but it sounds like it’s late for that.

Branchkin is right. Our state elected officials are here to help us as well as to spend our money. Reach out to your representative and senator asap.

That is great advice! I’ve emailed my congresswoman. Maybe that will lead somewhere…

The letter I received only gives a phone number for disputing the tax, no address. Someone else suggested replying to the address at the top of the letter and I will try that as well. Thank you.

I would suggest calling and actually talking to a person.

My experience with calling is that you will encounter voice mail hell and end up wasting your time.

I sent them a letter saying that I was satisfied with their answer to an issue and considered the matter closed.

They sent me a letter saying the issue is closed on their end five times,

Doesn’t the letter have an address when you can send a dispute? If so, I wouldn’t bother with the phone at all. Agents on the phone are just as likely to give you the wrong answer as not anyway. In a letter, I’d explain clearly what happened. Go to the post office, and send it to them via a trackable method that requires a signature. They’ll respond to that.

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Did you read the post? He’s called. He can’t get through to a person.

You are right on, but go big! Email your senator or both senators as well!

Dang! I’m in Northern CA. Which of them is My Senator? To me they both represent LA. My miseducation, no doubt.

Senators represent the entire state; representatives respresent their district.

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Managing IRS communication is one reason to hire a CPA to do your taxes.

I was referring to calling his congressional office, not he IRS.

Thanks for helping with my miseducation… sincerely.

I was referring to calling his congressional office, not he IRS.

Got it. That makes a lot more sense!