Anyone else e-file in April and not receive their direct deposit refund?

I e-filed April 8th, opting for direct deposit of our refund due. I have checked the IRS’s “where’s my refund” online every week since early May and it always says the very same thing - our return is still in processing and my expected refund is what it is supposed to be. The last few years our refunds have been deposited within 3-4 weeks. I’ve tried to call the IRS on a few different phone numbers, to no avail. I was put in a loop and told to check “where’s my refund” online. Has anyone tried using (or familiar with) the IRS’s “Taxpayer Advocate” service? I did try calling their phone number and was put on a long hold. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.

This does not help you at all, but I mailed my return on March 15, one month before due date. Site says paper returns are processed within 6 weeks. It’s been 5 1/2 months and not processed yet.

The entire system is choked up.

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The opponents of more funding for the IRS say that armed thug agents with guns will be coming for the middle class

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal earlier this week that said that the IRS, due to extremely slow processing times, would be refunding late filing fees for 2019 and 2020 returns. Article was in last Thursday’s edition on page A10.

I’d have expected this to have received wider news dissimination.

I’m hoping that new agents will get the IRS operating in real time, or at least, with a reasonable backlog…

Yet another reason to be under withheld or under paid estimated taxes, but staying within the safe harbors. If one is over withheld, then simply apply the overage to current year taxes and adjust current withholding or estimated payments accordingly.

Totally agree. I made a wild guess at what we might owe for 2021, not being any kind of expert. We haven’t had withholding for years, being self-employed. I do normally apply to the next year if the refund amount is lower.

I hope you get your refund soon. I have a friend who paper files and he finally got his refund after at least 5 months. There is hope. :slight_smile: For it to take this long for an e-filed return is absurd.