Google Fi isn't really a prepaid plan

I grabbed a Google Fi sim kit for $60 at target and it’s not really a prepaid phone plan. They wouldn’t recognize my MetaBank Visa Debit Card and refused to activate the Sim card.

The two options in-store were a Sim card for $9 or a Sim card with a $90 bill credit for new customers for $60. The first option says “Credit card needed to activate” on the front in bold letters but the other one doesn’t say that… on the outside of the packaging. It’s buried inside.

Now lets go see if I can ackwardly return this to the store or I’m out $60

Requiring a credit card to activate doesn’t mean it isn’t a prepaid plan.

If you have a Citibank credit card (other than Costco Visa), you should be able to generate a one-time credit card number. Look for Virtual Account Number when you log into Citi’s site. Then once the account is activated, you can cancel the Virtual Account Number, if you want. I’m not sure why you’d want to, unless you know you only want to use the phone service for a month or two.

Google Fi is easy enough to work with. I had service with them for my phone and my wife’s for a few years. They didn’t try to screw me over, and didn’t give me a hard time about canceling. I wouldn’t have any reservations about giving them my real credit card number, but I understand some people might.

Well I’m with MetaBank and I’m not changing my bank for Google.
If I buy a $60 phone card from Cricket, Tmobile, Att it’s good to go without me having to change banks.
I don’t know why YOU think I want to sign up for Citibank but I don’t. If MetaBank’s Visa Debit Card is good enough for the IRS I don’t know why Google is too good for it. They wasted my time and my money.

You’re assigning a ridiculous imaginary opinion to me (that I think you want to sign up for a Citibank card) and then criticizing me for it. Now who’s wasting time? At least you aren’t wasting my money!

Everything you type has that implied “um actually” tone to it.

After going through your posts, you sound like you’re trying to sign people up for a credit card.

One thing to remember, first and foremost: Google IS EVIL!!!

Anything you can do without google is more desirable than with.

Now what ratbert is suggesting is that you try to give them a throw-away credit card. I think it is bad to give them a debit card. The usage of a citi bank CC gives you the ability to give supplier a very limited card. Got my doubts over whether they would take it…

A-Charvez, I think you mean “piece of trash fake Visa or fake Mastercard.”