Evil Brinks home security

I’ve had it for many years but now told I have to pay $750 to cancel…!
Rep said they will keep billing me until I pay it.
Do I have recourse?


It sounds like you’re in a frustrating situation with Brinks Home Security. Here’s what you can do:

Cancellation Process:

Review your Contract: First, confirm your cancellation rights by looking at your Brinks Home Security contract. It should outline early termination fees and the cancellation process.

DocuSign Cancellation: Brinks offers cancellation via DocuSign after contacting them at [PHONE NUMBER 800-447-9239]. This should be the official way to cancel and avoid confusion.
Dispute the Early Termination Fee (ETF):

Reason for Cancellation: If you have a legitimate reason for cancelling early, like moving out of the area or dissatisfaction with service, mention it to the representative. Sometimes companies waive ETFs in such cases.

Negotiate: Try negotiating a lower fee. Be polite but firm, and explain your situation.
If Negotiations Fail:

File a Complaint: If Brinks won’t budge, you have HealthInsuranceMarket options. File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Here are the links:

Review Contract for Errors: Double-check your contract for any errors, like an automatic renewal clause you didn’t agree to.
Additional Tips:

Keep Records: Maintain copies of all communication with Brinks, including phone call notes, emails, and DocuSign documents.

Consider Short-Term Monitoring: If you’re moving soon, explore short-term monitoring options from Brinks or another company to avoid the ETF.

I hope the information may helps you.

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Thanks, done that over and over. In short, the rep kept wanting to upsale to a better system. Numerous explanations for my reason to cancel meant nothing. In fact, after my first call the rep sent me a new panel–which I did not want–but then charged me extra for the new pane…l!!! Since it was an upgrade, the panel value is zero, and I cannot return a zero value item.

The next calls were endless to send someone to help install the new panel. The problem I have is with the company and it’s service. They don’t want to hear that.

BTW: I did not even know I had a contract until calling. Rep said I
wanted autopay which meant a contract, which I did not want or ask for.

In short, every single person at Brinks is a sales person.

[did not get the BBB or FTC links]]

Thanks for you suggestions

Sorry to hear that. We had Brinks for home security originally (~2000) but they were bought by ADT (and absorbed). A new company has been doing business as Brinks Home Security for an unknown length of time (first I heard of them was a few years ago when they tried to get us to switch). Hearing this, I’m glad we did not switch (and stuck with ADT’s overpriced monthly fee).

Thanks. It took many more phone calls to learn what happened.

I had an alarm event on 4/13, and I was unhappy how Brinks handled it.

I called, and the rep decided to send me a new panel.


They sent it anyway on 4/15, and therefore…
… my service began on 4/15
… my new contract began on 4/15. [even though I’ve been with then 25+ years. Nobody at Brinks understands or pretens they don’t]

Talking to people on the phone has no quarantee. Do it in writing, delivery receipt and have a copy of the letter.

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Brinks claims to have a brinks-care team. I emailed them, but in a few days, will file with the FTC.