Low cost Alarm monitoring

I am paying way too much for alarm monitoring for home security system and I’m looking for some alternatives.
I found a company advertised online called alarm relay. Is anyone familiar with this company?
I found them on the Better Business Bureau site and they do not have any complaints but also no reviews.
Any suggestions on how I can check them out and make sure they are really legitimate?

We have an indoor ring camera which when it detects motion say some like, “Hi, We are recoding you.”

This is in addition to other motion sensitive cameras that also can give us notice on our phones and allow us to see what’s happening in real time.

It then give us a notice on our cell phone where we have a live view and if it’s intruder we would call 911.

Can’t any cheaper than that.

Stay away from any outfit named Alarm Services of Kirkland WA, cencominc.com, alarmmonitoringservices.com, they are pure evil. Their service wasn’t very good, it was very confusing and hard to set up, but they make their money in the END; if you don’t return the equipment in exactly the way they specify with all the receipts to prove it the fee they were going to charge me was $350. Fortunately I did everything by the book have all the receipts and they grudgingly refunded me my money and canceled my service.