Alert monitors for seniors

My sister and I are looking for guidance about the best safety alerts for seniors.
Alert 1 and Mobile are 2 that we are considering.
Any suggestions?

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3 mo old thread so not sure if still active.
Alert for seniors? You mean a device where the senior calls for help? Like a RED button device that autocalls 911? There are many such systems available. I use Bay Alarm.

Or do you mean a system where the senior can say, “I’m okay”?

I use Deadmanswitch. The basic version is free, but the yearly service is only $10. Every 24 hours [adjustable] I get an email from them that includes a link. I click on that link, meaning I’m okay, so the clock is reset for a new 24 hours.

If I fail to click that link, emails go out to people I previously added. The email says whatever I previously added.

In my case, I have six people on my contact list, and this assumes at least one person will read the email.

Then I have instructions, call me, email me, visit me, etc etc. Last resort, local PD phone number to call for a welfare check.

Thank you! Very helpful!

If interested in deadman…

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