Check-in services for people who live alone?

Does anyone know about or have experience with services that help people who live alone check in that they are OK? I’m not talking about the emergency “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…” things, but just a way to know that someone is OK, maybe once per day. I’m thinking about a person who lives alone at a distance from family, is fine for the most part, but if something happened, it might be days/weeks before someone checked because they don’t work or have daily scheduled contacts.

While neighbors are nice, it’s not their job to be checking up on other neighbors, and not everyone lives in a 55+ community where such things likely get noticed.

I’ve seen a couple apps/services searching the internet, but I’m wondering if anyone has knowledge of any specific services.

I also saw this on the Google Play store: Snug Safety - Apps on Google Play

Dead Man Switch does this. There is a free, limited version and a one time $50 life time version which is worth it.

Basically, it sends me an email at my preferred settings, every day, every other day, etc. I can change it.

I must click on a link in the email that says, “I’m okay”. If I fail to respond within 24 hours, its sends another one. If I fail to respond to that one, it automatically sends emails to a list of people I selected. It can be one, two, or a hundred.

That pre-canned msg–which I wrote–tells them what to do, call me, come over, call 911 whatever I want.

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For friends an family the game WORDLE can give them an excuse to maintain daily contact over the Internet.

i have met my neighbors in a residential area.
we are all older, but still get around. i kept it simple and said, am on my own,
do you mind txting once a day and getting a response in case my pets need
a new owner.? we keep it lite, but we depend on the HUMAN element and not
an app, or service, or the 1,000 other ‘things’ that have become neccesities. don’t
get me wrong. i am a happy hermit, but it helps to stay connected, even if you feel
selfish and a ‘burden’ asking. all have been honored to be ‘in the hoola hoop’.

probably easier to do in a 55+ community than a regular community where people work, have kids, etc.

When I lived in a 55+ community they came by about 10am checking the tag on the door. When the tag was in the wrong position they would knock and enter to see if you were OK.

Now I am living alone and go visit my daughter at about 12:30pm. I think I’ll set up a daily call with her.

I downloaded the Snug Safety phone app to try out for my relative. They have a free and paid version (which will contact emergency services). I set up an account, input emergency contacts, and set a check in time. The contacts received a verification text. So we’ll test it out for a while to see how it goes.

Two of my aunts called each other every evening to check in.

I think that works if people are retired. But people who are working or who have kids, that’s hard to do.

that’s a great community service! if u r like me, and don’t want to “slow down”
with a ph. call, don’t be shy about a simple text. i do it with a small group of, ‘don’t get outs’.
works for us.

In Florida, one can hire a personal services contractor, also, some veterans’ organizations have buddy checks, it depends on the local chapter of the veterans’ organization and/or their Auxiliaries (American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, AmVETS, etc…). I suspect other fraternal organizations such as the Elks and Masons do also.

So I’m testing out the Snug app. I’ve checked in, things seem fine. Today I slept a little late, got on with my day and forgot to check in at my time (10 am). My contacts were notified and they called/texted me. So I can verify that this app does work! I was going to test it at some point, but give advance notice! It works.

Sounds similar to the app I have – I guess it comes down to email vs text preferences

The snug website said it works with Iphone 11, I have Iphone 6 plus. Does that mean it won’t work on my phone? Asking before I download it. TIA

I have no idea-- I don’t work for them. Contact snug on their website and ask, or just download it and see if it works – if not, uninstall. That might actually be faster than waiting for a response.

Thanks, I downloaded it and it’s working on my Iphone 6 plus.

That 's good to hear. I like the app – very simple. I haven’t looked at the paid version yet.