Best way to find a handyman

What is the best way to find a handyman? I don’t find yelp very helpful. I have never used taskrabbit. If you have used it, please share your experience. Is there another app that you have found helpful?
Northern California It’s kind of a trash site but it is good for recommendations and lost pets.

Do a search on handyman. You should see lots of posts.

Ask your neighbors. I have a neighbor who’s lived in this town his whole life, and seems to know everyone. He’s my first stop when I need something done.

I have used Thumbtack before in other places. It’s ok, but not nearly as good as asking my neighbor.


True, but it’s handy and local. I’ve had good and bad results.

Recommendations from friends and associates is the best route.

Go to Home Depot early in the morning…

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My neighbor is his own handyman and I can only ask so many favors. The other neighbors ask me for advice or are renters. Nextdoor is full of scammers, I don’t trust that site. There is supposed to be another website/app beside taskrabbit that is good…

Well, ratbert2k, are you of the opinion that if you can be a do-it-yourselfer, you absolutely, positively need to be a do-it-yourselfer?

Not really sure where that came from, but no, that’s a ridiculous opinion.

You don’t need to limit “neighbors” to people on your street. Ask people you work with, people you see at church, etc. Also, if you have someone for one specific thing (e.g., a plumber), ask him if he knows someone who would be good for the next project you have in mind (e.g., rain gutters).

Ask a real estate agent.

Well, ratbert2k, it too often seems like do-it-yourselfers are the only ones who are really making it. Doesn’t practically everyone need to learn to be handy? Veteran mechanic and YouTube personality Scotty Kilmer appears to think so.

I cannot watch Scotty. After two videos, his constant flailing of his hands drove me to drink.

Same here, can you imagine trying to work with him on a project?

I’d split the bottle with you.

it is not updated to a regular bases. Called one number, the guy was retired, and out of state

Like I said, it’s a ridiculous opinion.