ADT & Safe Haven give you no exceptions

This is about contracts - exceptions - understanding and compassion - company culture

I am completely at a loss and come to the best team for help. Thanks Clark Howard and team.
This is what I’ve been going thru with ADT AND SAFE HAVEN…

January I received a call from “AT&T” and was offered a bundled service. Internet w AT&T, streaming service with Direct TV and security with ADT.

1- I asked and was told there were no contracts (on the sales call which was recorded). The ugly truth is I was lied to. There is a contract with a company I had never heard of - and was most certainly not identified during that call, namely. SafeHaven.

I have asked them to pull the call. My notes show the call was inbound to me on April 28 somewhere between 11am and noon.

2- 4 days after that call my 98yo mother passed away. She was a most wonderful human being and loosing her to Heaven is so darn hard.

3- around or on Feb 11 the equipment guy came to complete the install. Sometime in those days is also when I learned about the contract. I should have told him to take it all away but in my grief and anguish I did not. I own that.

4- In March I reached out to try to get help with the contract. I am moving from my home to live with a friend as I struggle with and thru my loss (to add to my grief, my golden of 14 years also died on Feb 24 or I would have called sooner).

5- repeatedly and from every single ADT AND SAFE HAVEN employee Ive been told sorry _ not sorry even if you don’t use the service you have to pay 75% of the 3 year contract.

I am now and have repeatedly asked for help. For mercy. Compassion. Understanding.

My contract will not end until Jan 2025 at around $80 per month.

I’m moving April 15 so that leaves some 33 months.

$2640 at 75% is $1980.

I’m asking them to consider my circumstance and let me have a reduction from the 75%.

Could I pay $500? Or some other amount they deem fit.

I’m leaving the equipment with the house.

Hopefully whoever buys the house from Opendoor will sign with them. I pray so.

I will eventually buy a home. I would come back to ADT because the service itself is awesome.

Attached is a picture of my mothers death certificate.

I can also provide you with info from the funeral homes.

And the newspaper obit of her burial on Feb 9 - just two days before your installer arrived and I learned there was a 3 year contract when I had been told there was no contract for the bundled deal.


Hi @Kathi_Johnson! Sincere condolences to you and your family for the loss of your beloved matriarch. 98 years of life was truly a blessing and sounds like she was a wonderful person.

Also sorry that you’re dealing with this contract issue while grieving. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. See if ADT service is available where you’re moving. Even though you’re moving with a friend who probably has their own security system, if you give Safe Haven/ADT your new address and they don’t even service that area, that could get you out of the contract. If you’re willing to move the service with you but ADT can not offer the service, then they would potentially breach the contract, not you.

  2. If you know you want the service again in the future, when you buy another home, ask if you can pause the contract until after you purchase your home then resume it. Give them an estimated time of when you’ll purchase the home and see if they will pause it.

  3. Consider arbitration or small claims court, especially if you feel there’s been some sort of misrepresentation around the contract. If you haven’t already, submit a written “Notice of Dispute” that will contain: (a) a written description of the issue and the supporting documents and information, and (b) a specific request for money or other relief. Then you can elect arbitration or small claims court, if not resolved. See link Section 5 “REQUIREMENTS FOR RESOLVING DISPUTES” and follow the instructions:

Hope this help! Best wishes to you!