Do you have ID theft protection?

I got the freebie from Experian and it works well. The reports are timely and accurate for my CC’s, emails, bank info, passport, medical cards, SSN, etc. Very thorough.

It was time to renew but it’s a root canal. Nothing works online, and phone calls send me to an endless loop of robots.

A lot of work, and wonder if it’s worth the effort.


I don’t think so.

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should have asked why you don’t think it’s worth it?
My son and a coworker had their ID’s stolen and it took months to resolve it.
I figured it’s best to avoid it.

Oh, it is best to avoid it. Be careful where you expose any personal info. I just have my doubts about that service being worth the effort. It looks to me like when they tell you about something, it’s after it’s already happened.

True enough. They can’t block or prevent it. But who can?

They also freeze all my credit lines, block new credit apps, etc. And this is Experian. They already have all my info.

I am also on Experian for free.

It is obviously reactive.

I won’t pay for it in the future.

The creditors will tell me if my ID is stolen.

This may be useful:

I don’t disagree, but $4.99 / month is less than a burger. Cheap insurance.

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Freezing your credit reports in Kansas is Free.

That is really cheap protection.

I don’t know if this is the best solution, but I froze my credit with all 3 credit bureaus. I’m at a point where I’m not going to be applying for more credit or loans, and if I do, I can unfreeze them (the process is different for each bureau and may have a $5 charge). But I’m pretty sure nobody can open up credit in my name.
It was also a good opportunity to clean up accounts each credit bureau had – many had been closed for years and were still listed on my credit report.
I also put purchase alerts on credit cards that allow it, so I’m notified whenever a purchase is made.

I had Lifelock for several years, which got bought by Norton. I didn’t know whether it helped or not, but I didn’t like the Norton interface – hard to tell what services I had, and I wasn’t sure how much help they would be if my identity were stolen. So I let it lapse. If I change my mind, there are a number of identity theft services.
For now, I try to be careful where my information goes.

Agree with that.

However, your information is in many places and some of the organization that have been hacked are not the ones you might expect.

I just received a free subscription for ID protection because a medical provider that I used was compromised.