Diablo Canyon nuclear facility MIGHT remain operational past 2025

Clark Howard brought up energy security in a recent episode of his podcast.

The world is short on energy. At least nukes don’t spew greenhouse gasses. We need them to stay open. Look at Germany… Turned off their nukes, got hooked on Russian natural gas!

It is not normal to hear something reasonable out of CA gov. Not sure this is good or bad.

With Creepy Joe at war with fossil fuels, it seems reasonable. But then, is this one of those nukes they built on a fault line? How did that work out in Fukushima?

Russia cut off gas, now they FIRED UP THE COAL FURNACES haha!

sorry, but like Fukushima, it’s a stoopid place to put a plant. Why not build them in the Nevada Test Site and run new mains everywhere

Nevada Test Site also geologically active. For sure terrible place for waste storage.