Back To the Future?

I wouldn’t have thought this a good idea 10 or 12 years ago, but when the wind doesn’t blow… you gotta row. Slow-developing alternative sources just can’t happen fast enough to avoid a climate meltdown. Nuke ain’t perfect, but it might have speed of development on its side and be the best way to put energy in at least a holding pattern.


We need nuke. We have to get over nuke phobia based on failures of old technology.

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Many years ago, I was visiting my sis and her new boyfriend and I took them to dinner. I casually asked what he did, and his reply was a whisper. Asked again, same whisper. I leaned way over the table and he quietly said, “I work in nuclear power.” He looked around the room and added, “I don’t want to get us tossed out.”

“That bad?” He sighed, “You have no idea.”

How about thorium nuclear reactors?

sorry, there’s the problem right there.

I used to live next to a nuclear power plant and it effected ‘rweiubfsbd’ (sorry), I was saying that it had no ‘zrehiudfhre’ on me at all. I joke, but yes, we had a nuclear plant exactly 3 miles from my house. After we moved, they built a second one next to it. The radiation appears not to have been a problem for us from Oyster Creek. What we found was that there were cancer clusters nearby caused by a chemical plant.

Dyes dumped into the ground fed into the river and into drinking water wells (we were on well water too but far enough away I guess that we were not effected).

Now I am more leary of chemical plants (and the possibility North Korea actually does send missles my way) than I am with nuclear radiation. We have no nuclear palnts here. NRC: No operating nuclear reactors or fuel cycle facilities are located in Hawaii. Hawaii is not an Agreement State. The state has jurisdiction over x-ray equipment, naturally occurring radioactive materials, and certain radioactive materials that are not produced in a reactor.