Something the Younger Posters Might See Happen…

Could it really happen in the mythical 30 years this time?

Here’s hoping! The world is running out of cheap fossil fuels.

If they take on the problem with quantum computers it may be sooner than 30 years away. Running simulations is a lot easier than working with a 23,000-ton physical device.

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That may be true, but fossil fuels at any price are not a reasonable, or even sustainable option, for the long term. Even 30 years is too long to wait for fusion to save the planet. Every non-fossil fuel option needs to be maximized until then. And that includes fission in my estimation.

Yes and there is better fission technology now. Germany and Japan were foolish to enact 1980s Nimbyism and shut down nuclear.

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Norway leads the pack in converting to EVs. The last new all-petrol automobile sold in Norway was due to happen in 2025. Now their saying that may be as early as 2023.


I wish them luck, but this kinda smacks a bit of the “cold fusion” claim of a few years ago, which got a hot reception that soon did turn cold.

I dunno… they laughed at Watts… til he invented the “watts-a-macallit”… :face_with_monocle:

Ohm my god!!! :smiley:

I swear I have to learn to resist puns like that, but I do get a charge out of them.

The US Navy does get involved in some pretty wild stuff. When I was assigned to an experimental minesweeper in the 1960-63 timeframe we did a lot of experiments with the San Diego Naval Electronics Lab associated with Very Low Frequency communications for our nuclear sub fleet. It sometimes involved the FLIP, an experimental vessel and a huge underwater speaker that our 330V-1,500 amp DC minesweep generators powered. My job was to listen out for whales and record their reactions and sounds during the tests.

Here’s a youtube video of the FLIP I couldn’t find anything on the other gadget.

My wife and friends all agree that my most endearing feature is that of an EXCELLENT bad example!.. :slightly_smiling_face: