Data Breach Notification

Not sure if this is a scam or not, but I got a letter from “Adaptive Health Integrations” saying that there was a data breach and my information may have been compromised. I have no idea who they are or when I ever did business with them. I did a google search and did find info confirming a data breach, but still know luck finding exactly what they do or when I would have used them. They are offering free credit monitoring for one year. They referenced kroll monitoring services…another organization that I have never heard of. I go to their website and enter the “Membership Number” they gave me and they want me to fill out the registration - which includes my Social Security number. I’m not too keen on giving an organization I never heard of but was referred to by another organization I never heard of my social security number.

So has anybody ever heard of Adaptive Health Integrations or Kroll monitoring services?

@kcflyer - Was there any address, location, or other relevant info that might assist in locating the company, business, or entity?

This was what I located initially but don’t have info or proof that this is the company from which you rcvd the correspondence.

"Adaptive Health Integrations provides both LIS Software Services and Billing / Revenue Services for Laboratories, Physicians offices and related healthcare companies.

Adaptive Health provides can tailor our applications to meet your specific needs and instrument communications.

Our billing services are integrated with one of the largest and most cost effective clearing houses in the country. This allows for greater efficiencies in processing claims submission and electronic claim remittance."

Source - Adapative Health Integrations.

Kroll @
Reviews: Kroll Cyber Security & Information Assurance | Customer Reviews | Better Business Bureau® Profile
Kroll Cyber Security & Information Assurance | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile

Thanks. I wish they would have said who it was that had my claim. I think it’s Quest since I did have some lab work done. I had a Dr’s Appointment but I don’t have any copay there. Quest billed me. Now I wish I knew what they sent on a bill - the letter said SSN, but I can’t figure out why they would need my SS number.

None of the three toll free numbers for the credit reporting companies to alert fraud are correct. One lists 800xxx-xxxx but the toll is really 888xxx-xxxx.
What you find on the web for Adaptive Health Integrations has a fake contact page with a 555.555.5555 phone number. Fishy.


If you look closely at the above referenced web site it is a red flag. In particular, what do you see for the contact information?

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Also received letter same as the original author of this thread. Red flags and alarms went off for. I would not under any circumstances share Any information to Any one associated with the said letter

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Agreed. Even though it could be as simple as a data sourcing error/oversight, one needs to have their “Spidey sense” on at all times. Another reason I mentioned about the original correspondence and befuddled the source. :thinking::roll_eyes:

I went an looked again…just tossed the letter in the trash. If that is an actual website then it’s easy to see how they had a data breech…releasing a “test” page to production. The website is also pretty, but very uninformative.

Looking at the Department of Health data breach website It shows a "Adaptive Health Integrations report in the state of North Dakota.

Doing a business search in the state of ND for the company it shows owners as “MEDSCAN LABORATORY, INC.

Hope this helps!

Thanks…but the more I look at the letter, which has a ton of states listed and who to contact, was in a PHOTOCOPY of the logo. There may have been some kind of breach, but more and more, I think this letter is a scam. The logo looks like it was photocopied. Here’s a picture of it


I may call the Kroll people and talk to them, but a photocopy is kind of unprofessional