Can Chrome get hacked?

Weird problem. I’ve had 2FA for my B/A account for years, and check it every day.

Last night, I logged into B/A but the 2FA code never arrived. This is first. Tried it two more times and no code.

Tried a phone call to my landline. Twice. Same thing. No calls.

So after five failures, closed everything and ran all my malware / virus / reg cleaners, Rebooted and the 2FA code came–first time.

Thought nothing about it until tonight. Same thing. While on Chrome, my codes never arrived after a few attempts.

So decided to try Edge. First effort, 2FA code arrived.

Could this be a problem with my Chrome? Puzzled here.

Just for giggles, try installing Brave.

Maybe you accidentally clicked “Remember this computer”. It’s usually a box next to the user name box. That will usually skip the 2FA on that PC.

Next time you log in make sure that “Remember this computer” box is unchecked.

Definitely, Chrome isn’t bulletproof when it comes to hacking. But hey, the cool thing is that AI security has stepped up its game. It’s like having an extra set of eyes that can spot sketchy stuff. Of course, no browser is 100% hack-proof, but with these advancements, Chrome’s got some solid armor. Just remember to keep everything up-to-date and use your common sense while clicking around. Stay safe out there!