Chrome: mystery auto start up

LastPass has a feature to close after X minutes of none use, mouse, K/B, etc. I have tried to set this to 60 minutes and it does not work. I learned all browsers must be closed to save this LastPass setting.

Rebooted and found Chrome is an auto-start! It does not display but minimized.

I’ve tried Chrome settings, windows settings, configuration, msconfig, and Task Manager. “Something” is triggering Chrome to auto-start but I can’t find it.

Any ideas?

How about just closing Chrome and then setting Last Pass?

Did that but Chrome auto starts, and then I p/w for Lastpass. It opens but does not close after the set 60 minutes. So, once open, it stays open.

I could close Chrome every night, but that’s annoying and easy to forget.

Ditch Lastpass as fast as you can!!!. 1Password is inherently much more secure, because they only have to hack your master password to get into Lastpass. with 1Password, they have to hack your master password, and ALSO the “secret code” which 1Password does not have, but you have it hopefully printed on a piece of paper, stored in a safe place (home safe, safe deposit box, and my kids have a copy out of State).

LastPass password vaults crackable for $100, alleges 1Password | AppleInsider

Don’t believe that’s possible.
First, they would have to crack my 16 digit p/w, consisting of Upper/Lower case letters, plus numbers and symbols.

[password test sites this would take gazillions of years]

Even if somehow possible, they’d have to:
1: break into my home
2: find my hidden Yubikey which is required to log into Lastpass.

I suppose all that is still possible, but I feel safe.

Back to the OP: when I log into Lastpass, I want it to CLOSE automatically upon my settings. That is my issue…

Well, that’s credible!