Associated Press: "California prepares for energy shortfalls in hot, dry summer"

H200h, doesn’t it bother you that the San Onofre plant was shut down back in 2013? Judging from what Michael Shellenberger has said, it was shut down under highly suspect circumstances.

Nope… I left Calif in 1970 and never looked back. The thing I liked about surfing at Trestles was the wave quality and the warm water from the reactor coolant discharge. I also liked the warm water discharge at Ray Bay at the Seal Beach plant, but it also attracted the stingrays and lacked the wave quality of Trestles.

You could always spot a Trestles surfer because their boards would glow in the dark… :upside_down_face:

Section of another Clark Howard article:

People who naysay about solar and wind power have historically done so because of static analysis. They take only today’s numbers and say, “This will never work.” But that kind of attitude sells American ingenuity short.

It doesn’t count on the power of science and technology to make better products and lower costs over time.

For example, the first computer I bought for my business was a used one for $30,000 in 1982. Yet my wristwatch today is smarter than that computer I bought used for $30,000 30 years ago!

Never sell short our ability to create change.

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You ain’t seen nuthin yet.

One of the problems associated with major changes like switching from fossil fuel based energy production to renewable energy is the human propensity to hang onto the past.

Since most of today’s electrical power is produced through mechanical means it starts out as alternating current (AC) and not the more versatile form, direct current (DC,) In tomorrow’s world, electricity in it’s DC form will be part of the solulution. The problem will be getting all of our legacy electrical baggage converted and/or adapted to that new electrical standard.

During the electrification of the Industrial Age, Thomas Edison championed the use of DC electricity and lost that battle to Westinghouse and Tesla. Westinghouse made mechanical electrical generators and Tesla’s famous Tesla Coil both relied on or produced AC electricity.

For the next big battle of AC vs DC, my money is on Edison’s choice. DC will eventually win out.

DC has to overcomde the IR drop issues.

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@clydewolf exactly this

It’s already been done. That’s how they do high capacity long-distance transmission lines today.

High-voltage DC transmission is much more efficient than high-voltage AC for distribution lines, for above ground, subterranean and undersea transmission.

Once you wrap your head around that concept you’ll better understand the implications of quantum theory and how it will radically change things in the future of energy and computing.