Are emails being answered with AI?

I had a customer service question for a large, bureaucratic medical organization. I could not get an answer through normal channels. I emailed the CEO at 10:27 PM with my question. The CEO replied that he was forwarding my question to the head of the billing department at 10:51 PM the same evening. The head of the billing department emailed me at 11:10 PM with a promise to research my question.

I appreciate that these gentlemen are addressing customer service issues so late in the evening, but there is a slight feeling that my message was answered by an automated system. Has Artificial Intelligence (AI) reached the point that it can respond to email and make one believe that it is coming from a real person?

Thank you.

I think it’s more likely an auto “recorded” msg, and not some AI understanding your question. I get those all the time.

The CEO did not read your email. That was either an automated system that sent it to the billing department or someone else read it and sent it to the billing department.