Emails from aol accounts

This was sent to my email.Unfortunately this is not my email, nor has it ever been.My question is how did this email get created and How is it tagged from different companies and sent to my correct email .
from: Bestbuy
date: Mar 16, 2022, 4:58 PM
subject: Confirmation Needed “42516”
mailing list: <6417211.xt.local> Filter messages from this mailing list
security: No encryption Learn more
: Important according to Google magic.

It’s just a bunch of garbage put there to confuse the recipients of the message. Don’t click on anything and if you want to forward something like this for notice or investigation by someone, use an image, not the text version with active links in it.

It’s probably just an attempt to get a response for valid contact info and could easily be a phishing scam or worse.