Amazon Kindle same day Delivery

I have become attached to my Kindle.

So when I laid it on the hood of my car and driving off, it blew into the windshield and went wherever. The windshield was OK but after looking, the Kindle was nowhere to be found.

This was about 10AM. At 1030, I ordered a new Kindle. It was delivered that afternoon. :grinning: Good Job amazon.
The cover took 2 days… but hey I was back in business.

I do not mind paying for the Kindle as because of Emails, I get most of my books free. It feels good when Bookbub lists another free book from an author that I have enjoyed.

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I suggest changing your Amazon password, just in case someone finds you old Kindle and gets it operating. You may be able to delete the old one from your account.

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Good suggetion… already Done!

I went on-line and on my Account/Devices deactivated that Kindle.
Then called Amazon to report and see if anything else was needed. I only use the Kindle for Reading, no Banking or Email so I feel safe.

I use my phone for the other stuff.

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Sorry to hear about you losing your kindle PP. jimtoo had a good suggestion. One other tip you can do is to put a label under the cover of your new kindle saying something like “text if found #123-456-7890” with your real number of course. With luck someone with a good heart finds it & texts you to get it back.

I did this for my cell phone, tablet kindle & other valuables… I used my Google voice # (which is free to get from Google) & all texts to that number also go to my email.

Also try , it’s similar to bookbub for ebooks. :slight_smile:

I find that my local library has ebooks that are easy to borrow on Kindle. Might want to check it out! Ha ha.