CNET: "Here's Why Amazon Won't Let You Buy Books on Kindle App for Android Anymore"

I am ok buying on the web, reading on my phone. Not a big issue

This happened with Nook a month or two ago. It’s annoying, but I understand why Nook and now Kindle removed purchases from the app.

My wife is a Kindle user, but that device (original Paper White) is pretty creaky, so she often resorts to using her Kindle app on Android. In the Android Kindle reader, is it one of those annoying things where rather than tell you that you can’t buy on Android platform, it just lets you struggle to find the buy option (which can’t be found because they removed it)?

Makes Perfect Sense to Me.

Eliminate the Middle Man whenever possible.

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True. If only we could do that for cable

Some people get cable by signing up for multiple streaming services. The consumer is getting screwed by content provider monopoly rather than the cable monopoly since the cable alternatives can be as expensive as cable especially with Comcast internet being over $90/mo in our area. The online providers can be approximately $70/mo which equals cable tv

If only we got true unlimited 5G internet and we could have a secure hotspot with no need for cable internet. We could get Roku thru our 5G phones