$12 per year lifetime subscription to Proton's Password manager

I just sprang for a $12 per year subscription to Proton’s password manager, Proton Pass. The price is locked in for me for life, but the deal ends 8/31/2023. I have used Proton’s encrypted email, Proton Mail, for years, and they have a reputation for privacy and security. They are a Swiss company. I’m a user of 1Password at work and at home, I get 1Password for business and personal use through my employer at no cost to me, but the $12 a year deal was too good to pass up (worst case - let it expire after a year). It’s not a mature product, it was just released to the public a few weeks ago, but it seems pretty solid to me. 1Password is more polished, but Proton Pass is completely usable, and probably as secure. Definitely when I retire in 2026 it will be nice to have $12 per year for life access to a good password manager after I no longer get free 1Password through work. Right now I’m running them side by side, but if I keep liking Proton Pass I’ll just stop updating 1Password.

2023 software development roadmap

The 2023 Proton Pass roadmap | Proton

Hi, can you please tell me more about the encrypted email service? Thank you!

Go read about it at www.proton.me


Can this be used with Microsoft Outlook?

I’ve been a huge fan of 1Password for years. Conveniently, my work also uses 1Password. I will likely stick with them forever.


No it’s not integrated with Outlook. It exists as a browser extension or a phone app.

Thank you!

I started using proton mail a few months ago on my phone. I prefer to do most things on the larger screen of my laptop, though, and use LastPass only it but not on my phone. If you sign up for this service, is it usable on both laptop AND phone?

On the phone or the laptop as a browser extension. More laptop/desktop apps in progress.

Both for $12 total?

The deal ended yesterday !

I signed up but I’m very unhappy! There is no user guide and it’s quite different from gmail and Last pass. They have a drive but there is no word processor and when I imported, my only option was to download all files to my computer then turn around and upload them to Proton. Instructions given on Proton were incorrect. I’ve also had issues exporting from Last Pass- again incorrect instructions. Now, finally, I can see most of my contacts listed but they will not autofill on my cell phone and won’t access certain websites from my laptop or my phone. Further, every time I open a browser window on my laptop, proton password manager is already logged in and ready for anyone who gets hold of my computer to access any site in it. I see that they have a setting to require a PIN to log in to it but I prefer a pass phrase that I can lengthen and still remember. I still have to use Last Pass.

Just be sure to cancel it will auto renew in a year.

I have made use of the unlimited email aliases from Proton and I now have unique and disposable emails for all of my financial accounts. My static emails, like everyone’s, have been stolen over the years. Along with passwords, phone numbers, addresses. Very bad situation.

VeraCrypt is free.

I keep my pass words in an encrypted file.

I’m using the free version of Proton Password Manager, and I love it so far. I used Bitwarden for a long time (also free), but I find Proton to be a better fit for me. If you’re interested in trying it, I recommend starting with the free version, which is more than enough for most people’s needs.

Same here, I am fully switched over to Proton Pass. Growing pains but OK. I really wanted separation from 1password, provided by my employer. Yes it was a separate account, but I wanted it totally unhitched.

I get one device for free on Proton VPN! It’s much better than Google One VPN, which locks and freezes constantly on my Motorola phone.

It’s too bad that $12 tier isn’t available anymore.

That is definitely old school…but do whatever works for you

I also use Proton VPN, and I’m surprisingly enjoying ProtonMail as well. I get less spam than with Gmail.