Anyone using VPN? Performance? Recommendations?

Just use it for financials? Or?

I tried mcafee and Norton but they slowed speeds considerably. SurfShark works well. But I’m always leary of all these vpn companies that are established outside of the United States.

I’ve had the same results. Poor performance.

Surfshank is also a concern.

I’m getting ads for VPN’s from Malwarebytes, and PC Matic. I use them both so might try their VPN’s.

So you cautiously use it for…financial stuff? Or…?

I’m conflicted. I use 2FA everywhere, plus Yubikeys.
Safe enough? I don’t know

TOP VPN has been bedeviling me with advertising pop-ups. I believe it is a product of Advanced System Care, a product suite I have used happily for years after learning about it on the Clark message boards in the 1990s+/- but the constant barrage of pop-ups has purely turned me off. I avoid anything sold by pop-up.

I use Proton VPN on my Firestick. Pretty happy with it. Proton is based in Switzerland.

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Proton is free if you don’t do the upgrade.

I use Google VPN which comes with Google One membership. Performance is good. It’s on all my family devices. It’s a good feeling to be encrypted.