What VPN Do You Use?

Anyone here in the forum using ExpressVPN?

Norton VPN comes with my security package.

Surfshark….easy to use, two year plan is $4.00 month

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I have a lifetime VPN I use for testing called Windscribe. It was very cheap on special at StackSocial.Com.

I have a number of websites I manage and limit access by blocking certain countries. This allows me to test if certain locations are blocked.

Also, on occasion there will be issues where I cannot access my sites or email. For example, recently there were issues accessing Chicago from Hawaii as one of the carriers had equipment issues. I was able to use the VPN to route my traffic from New York and get the mail that way, bypassing the bad connections from Chicago to the west.

Intro offer, $2.49 / mo for two years

Surfshark….easy to use, two year plan is $4.00 month

Got time for dumb questions? I paid for two years, downloaded, installed, and then connected to the VPN. My IP addy changes when connected vs dis-connected, so I “think” It’s working.

What now? Looked all over the help and got nothing. I have 8 tabs open in Chrome so when connected, does that mean all the tabs are now working via the VPN?

Or those tabs remain as they were, and I must open a new tab and now that one is on the VPN?

As you can see, this is my first attempt with VPN so a complete novice

I am new as well.

I am currently in Scotland. When I disconnected here, it no longer shows a US location, but rather Great Britain. However, when you wish to reconnect, simply go to “locations”, choose a city in the US of your preference.

Hope that helps!

Oh wow, I envy you!

I know how to connect. My Q is:
1-once connected, are all open tabs connected?
2-once conneted, I need to open a new tab?

many thanks

Good question, unfortunately I’m not sure of the answer…hope you get your question answered…

Thanks for the effort. I found their “help” does not really help

Got it…best of luck!