Recommend 'sharing' type password manager?

Widower getting old with way too many health problems. My password manager will not allow me to share it with my son 800 miles away. I’m willing to pay for each p/w manager, but it’s critical he access all my counts and p/w’s, particularly $$ accts.

I use StickyPass which has a share capability. They have a $49 lifetime with sharing on their website, but I see deals when I do a search.

StackSocial has this deal, good for a couple weeks yet, $15.97 for lifetime.

I use this program to sync passwords between all my PCs and my Android cellphone. It can save your passwords or can suggest new passwords using random letters, numbers and so on.

I have used Dashlane for years. They just started making free access less attractive. I don’t share passwords, but I think it is available on their lowest cost program, about $60 per year and they have an “emergency” clause which allows someone you choose to access your paswords if you cannot respond.

I use the 1Password family account. It supports up to 5 people I think…

Each of you can have your own set of passwords and then you can have shared passwords.

KeePass has multi-user sharing. It is a great, free password manager.

Thanks all. I’m still reading reviews. Free trials are not that easy. Tried a free trial of Nordpass. HUGE mistake…Had to give them a CCN, and 24 hours later, tried to cancel. It took four days and probably 25 emails to actually cancel and get a refund. Had the same miserable experience with Nordvpn.

No more Nord products for me. Everything is an UP-sale.