Windows 10 Update!

After several reminders (nags) I scheduled the Win 10 update for 3AM.

This morning it was fine, however I got nagged to go to Win 11 and to use MS edge.

I still hear of problems with Win 11 and that there is a learning curve. This geezer needs neither.

We have heard the problems with Win 11… but not the Advantages. Are there any beside maybe more security.

Since I also provide Tech Support to my wife, we will either stay at 10 or move together. Will she need more support?

She is fine on her day to day… but I tend to get involved when something new arises.

My Tech Guru is Leo Laporte the radio and podcast broadcaster. He said Windows 11 is largely Win10 with a new look. He speculates the PC makers pushed MS to make a new Windows so they could sell more new computers.

I’m sticking with 10 for the time being, it works fine for me.

I am a geezer also and don’t like the idea of a learning curve either. Still sticking with Windows 7, even though it does not have the support.

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For years I said I would use W7 until the computer died. That happened late last year to both computers, so I moved to W10 with SSD on each. I am just now finally getting comfortable with it and have no plans to change.