Is it irrational to hate an inanimate object like OneDrive?

I’m just whining and not asking for help. I’ve read many help articles-that don’t help. My doc is saved to OneDrive or OneDrive Personal, and I have yet to figure those two out.

But no, it’s actually saved to:

file:///C:/Users/bobpr/OneDrive/Documents/Desktop/Attachments/file name

So easy to find, eh? There used to be an option to ‘save as’ and then chose the folder. Nope, that’s gone. One has to save where MS wants it saved…!

Grrrrrrrrr…off the complaint box

I find One Drive confusing and have lost more than a few documents…somewhere.

I back up some files on One Drive (that I also back up on external drives b/c I don’t trust One Drive). I don’t do auto-backup because I don’t trust it.

l also have a free Dropbox account, and I find it to be so much easier, faster, and more reliable than One Drive.

I’ve been following some You Tube videos about the upcoming forced change to Windows 11. Two things that bother me:

  1. They are trying to force you to log into your Microsoft account rather than using a local account, which is what I do at home (work is a different situation), and
  2. One Drive forces an automatic backup to the cloud, which I don’t necessarily want.

Corporate IT departments really hates OneDrive. Some applications use really big files… hundred of GB… and when those start automatically backing up to OneDrive, it’s really really bad.

I’ve gotten the notices about Win10 ending and being forced onto Win11. It is saying my computer is not compatible with WIn11. So I have to go buy a new laptop now??? Mine is only about 5 years old and works fine. That is my #1 by far!!

Absolutely not! It’s totally rational and I hate it too! I can’t figure out how t get rid of it!

Not mine. They’re pushing it on us every chance they get.

Let me refine that… IT departments that support high performance technical computing hate it. Nothing worse than a 200 GB petroleum engineering model starts uploading to OneDrive, or a 1 TB 3D seismic cube “by default”.

Check on You Tube – there are videos about Windows 11, and probably some advice how to upgrade your PC to accommodate it, without buying a whole new computer. Also - a local computer shop might have some advice, too.

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Do a Google search on hacks to install Win11 on machines where MS says you can’t do it. I have two older laptops that originally came with 7 and 8. MS says I couldn’t install Win11 but I was able to use certain procedures to trick it into working.

Thanks! Win10 is not going off support until October 2025, so I have quite a while to figure out what I will need to do. I’m sure there will be a lot more hacks before then.

Perhaps the engineers at my company, and the IT department, are smart enough to know what should and should not be stored in the cloud.

I found with my older machines that Onedrive seemed to slow it down. This doesn’t happen with Dropbox so that is what I use.

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I have a little slogan. Goes like this right here:

Where there is mediocrity in computing, micro$oft is often involved! Putting things where you cannot find them is normal!

That said, I do my best to avoid all things micro$oft. “Those who do not understand UNIX are condemned to replicate it, POORLY!”

As far as outta support and “not compatible” go, yes they want you in a never ending cycle of upgrade$. On their time table not yours!

Can you get out? YES!!!

Apple is of course an alternative. I don’t care for it because you have no say in what it looks like. But it is better than micro$oft.

The better alternative is to use Free and Open Source software. Quite a few products are built and maintained in this manner. Linux makes a great replacement for your “obsolete” computer. It once was a “geeks-only” product but those days are long gone. Suggest you get a cast off computer and put Linux to learn on. FYI, I use Linux Mint; it looks and acts a lot like windoze. At this point I would not hesitate to load it up for Grandma.

I like Linux. I read, however, than there are no official Linux clients for Google Drive and OneDrive. Have you gotten those working with Linux, or do you stay off the cloud @tszefr ?

Thanks for the question @ochotona

Answer is I have never really used a cloud, though I sort-of have one at work, storing stuff up there just in case IT decides they have to image “my” computer again. I find the delay annoying even though I have a pretty decent cable connection these days.

#Rant on: Google and onedrive will not be on my radar if/when I look into cloud. I’ve despised micro$oft for decades, and google is EVIL! #Rant off

With all that said, I would consider this article on cloud services for Linux:

Then I would also seriously consider Rumble, a fairly new service declared not to be one of those that does not do political censorship. They even offer some basic linux commands, though new users don’t need to get into them:

I understand about Google and Microsoft, but…

Anytime a service is free… YOU are the product. And if I put precious family photos and movies online with a pre-IPO start-up that has never made money, and probably never will those files could just go away in a heartbeat at any time. Because… there is no cloud, there’s only other people’s computers. And if those people can’t afford to offer the service for a long period of time, then I don’t want anything to do with them.

As much as we dislike Goog, MSFT, and AMZN, they have huge commercial cloud footprints, therefore they’re not going away.