Special steps for swapping main drive with saved one?

I have regularly saved C:\ to bootable SSD’s but never had to use one.

My Win10 machine upgraded “itself” to Win11. I’ve spent one long day and two evenings trying to get things back to normal

Can I simply install the latest backup from 5/4 and start up? Or are there extra steps?

MORE: or is it easier to just UN-install the Win 11 update?

MORE-2 Windows says the W11 update cannot be uninstalled.

Perhaps System Recovery?

Here is one way: How to downgrade from Windows 11 to Windows 10 | Digital Trends

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In my first effort, I went to update history and tried to uninstall.
But the msg said cannot be unstalled.

However, your great link said, use Recovery.

Returned to the update history, and scrolled down down down…

And there was Recovery!!! Clicked that five minutes later–done…!

Sidebar: I read the “more info” on the Win 11 upgrade and it did mention 99% of the problems I had

many thanks again

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