Washington Examiner: "Paramount to provide streaming to Walmart+ subscribers"

What’s interesting about this to me is that I have access to Paramount+ right now, but only because it was included (for free) with a subscription that I have to a sports website that’s got great coverage for my alma mater’s football and men’s basketball teams.

I wonder how many folks there are now and will be in the future that have Paramount+ simply because it was added as an extra to some other service, whether that be Walmart+ or something else.

Interesting package

“The addition of video streaming to the Walmart+ membership will allow Walmart+ subscribers to receive similar benefits to Amazon’s Prime service, including free shipping, faster checkout, and cheaper gas from Walmart gas pumps.

Wondering about the Faster Checkouts… will there be a 50 item or fewer line for Members :grinning:

My WalMart does not have a Gas station… that could be a big deal.

When traveling just Google Murphy Express (that’s a Walmart brand).

That will save you some $$$$.

Clark Posted this

Walmart+ To Offer New Streaming TV Perk for Subscribers.

Walmart+ is $98 a year.
Paramount plus is $60 a year more than half.

One wonders how much Walmart is actually paying for this.

Walmart is getting Serious.

We saw a WalMart Logoed Delivery Van, similar to Amazon in our Subdivision.