Um, is Temu the new Walmart?

To understand what I’m getting at, check out what Clark Howard says about Temu in this short video:

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I went onsite and the list of products is seemingly endless. Mostly gimmicky junk, but I did find three things I wanted. Used my phantom CCN from my Citi account, then put a $25 limit on the CCN [just in case]

I got some Whirlpool refrigerator water filers for $10 each instead of $50 per filter which Whirlpool wanted. The Temu filters are factory original with all of the authenticity holograms, I compared side-by-side the my expired Whirlpool filters. I’m a believer.

I believe that a lot of items you buy from them and Wish (etc) are either items created in China for major companys and relabeled or they are the same item perhaps with a different case or different layout on the PC board.

I was looking at a mini-excavator from China and noticed that the key looked axactly like the one I use on my John Deere Tractor. I mean the notches looked in the same place. Even though my key is for a (back 10 years ago) $15,000 tractor, it is the same key I can buy for a few dollars at Home Depot for garden lawn mowers. Nobody is designing multip[le ignition or starter switches for this stuff.

A few years ago I bought a 1TB or was it 2TB USB memory stick that looks suspiciously like a name brand. It generally worked but my thought was that it was a reject from a run that had not yet been stamped with the mfg logo. I paida couple dollars on the dollar for it knowing it was probably a scam. It generally worked but I believe that I could have heated a cup of coffee with it as it got hotter than warm.

I bought on Temu last and now deluged with their ads.

I have not had that issue with Wish.Com but have heard of it with Temu. Also there is some company that owns sites like S9 or some short name like that which I had to filter.

Personally I can create thousands of valid email addresses as I own many domains. However for the non-techie types, if you have a Gmail account, sign up for these type of accounts using a period in the first section of the email, likefor use You will still get the emails in your box, but you can filter on the ‘j.ohndoe’ part and have them automatically dleted or moved to a folder for later review. Also, you can add a “+” symbol and any word you want to the end of your email address, and it will still reach your inbox. For example, if your email address is, you can use,, or

I once signed up on a site to see if any home foreclosures were around and literally got 30 or 40 emails within a couple minutes. Later that year I had a spammer hit me a few times from an email he owned. Natureally I signed him up to get foreclosure emails :slight_smile:

Then again, they may NEED your personal data :slight_smile: Why the Chinese shopping app is a scam

Wow, that is one scary article…!

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I used a disposable alias email for temu… where XXXXX is some number

if I get tired of it, I just kill the alias

I do something similar, only with CC’s. I use Citi’s virtual CCN’s for all my subscriptions and housing bills, insurance, auto, PGE, etc.

And places like Temu. It takes about one minute to cancel that VCC or modify it’s limits.

Does the Costco Citi Visa CC let you make virtual cards?

Don’t know, but if you have a Citi card, then I think so. Log into Citi —

Well, robertpri, can’t you unsubscribe from Temu?

Interesting. My Norton now calls Temu emails suspicious. [no real surprise]

After my little Temu pkg arrives, I will just close the accct.

Have you been deluged with emails from Temu as of late, or is it just ads showing up in your browser? You might want to get Adblock Plus.

Yes, since buying something from them.

Nothing but junk

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I like Temu, but shipping is very slow.

Comes from China. Slow.

Finally arrived. I bought some “gimmicks” and expected junk, but pleasantly surprised. I bought a jar opener [my hand grip has turned wimpy] and it’s very durable, well made, and impressive.

Also an LED / USB flashlight that is incredibly bright. [I don’t like the trend of many flashlight today with “modes”. It does not simply switch on / off / on / off, but rather switches to different modes, blinking, flashing, SOS, etc.]'\

Very annoying but I still like it.

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