TV Remotes Issues

I have a Samsung smart TV, and also Roku. Both remotes have “quick click” buttons that I Do Not Want, but are occasionally accidentally pushed. Is there any way to deactivate them? Or a replacement remote that does not have any similar “special” buttons? My older less smart tv has similar remote issues, but i dont use it often.

Those buttons were paid for by the providers and are generally not re-programmable. For example, Rdio bougth the rights to have a button on the Roku remotes. They were hoping that users would try their service since it was so eacy to find without having to search on screen. When they went out of business you would have hoped tha tthe buyer of much of their content (Pandora) would have had Roku redirect their buttons, but I don’t think either that they can or will (perhaps no one has coughed up the money yet).

If you were a provider and paid to have your product featured, you probably would not people being able to bypass it, at least while your product was still available.

As a side note, many years ago whe nyou came to Hawaii and rented a car, I heard that the car rental people had reset the radio buttons to the Travelers Radio station which contained information about places to visit on the island.

Id rather not have any special buttons, and would actually pay extra for that. Im actually a bit angry that they’d create those e tra buttons for netflix, disney+, hulu, appletv+, prime video…the only one that makes sense to me is the Samsung TV Plus, since it is a Samsung TV. The rest, a reason to never want to go there/acquire/subscribe to those apps…

Perhaps a drop of glue at the edge of the button.

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Why is this a problem? I have multiple remotes with multiple quick button configurations. I sometimes hit Hulu or whatever because it’s Sling on another remote. So I just hit the home button and start over or I hit the quick button I really want. It’s no different than selecting the wrong channel on a plain old fashioned tv remote. What am I missing?

It’s annoying, invariably occurs at an inopertune time, and it takes several minutes to get the tv back where i want it.

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You can always try opening the remore and adjusting the pads. Usually they have a conductive coating that you can remove or protect with a piece of tape. Alternatively, other remotes may be synced to the device. There are two types of remotes, RF and Infrered. The INfrared must be pointed at the devide whereas the RF works from nearby rooms, etc.

I ahve a car remote with a PANIC button on the back. I opened the remote and glued the rubber button in place so it would not press.

On a Roku TV and perhaps other Roku devices, you can use your smart phone and a Roku app to control TVs and Roku devices. It does not have those ‘pesky’ ad supported buttons.

I found an answer to the same question (apparently a lot of folks have the same annoyance with the preset channels) on a community forum on It is somewhat similar to your answer, but no need to try opening the remote. I will probably cover with a patch of tape to keep dust out.

Tried and it worked great…no more accidental channel changes just as some cliffhanger action or dialogue occurs.

…the stupid and useless voice search button…

True dat!

I don’t really use it, but it doesn’t seem to get accidentally pressed. The mute button, though does get pressed accidentally; at least it’s the simple fix of pressing again for sound…not a multi-step process to get back where I was. It is in an extremely awkward location…right on the side where you hold the remote.

If they really want those advertising dollars, the buttons should be slightly indented, not sugnificantly raised. You could still deliberately choose it, but it would remove most accidental triggering.