Traveling with pet (dog) 50 lbs from Los Angles to Atlanta

Our son is coming home to visit for a week. He would like to bring his dog(50lbs); however, he does not want to put him in the cargo section of the plane. Any suggestions that aren’t expensive?

I understand, but for the record, cargo sections are fully pressurized and heated. However, those areas are often colder than the pax cabin

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If he’s flying, there really isn’t another choice. Not sure what the options on train might be…

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We have shipped dogs by air from New Zealand/Australia to Hawaiia nd from the Mainland to Hawaii and back.

My Sisters had to take their dog from Florida to California for a flight from California to Hawaii. They opted to drive because they did not want to put it on a flight for longer than necessary. The problem with the drive was that the dog could not be left in the vehicle unattended, so someone had to go get food while te other stayed with the dog.

The cargo hold can cause a problem for some dogs and yes, there could be some issue. I say have you son find someone to care for the dog. That eliminates most of the possibilities for issues.

I loved my two Labs (75 lbs each) and would not put them in a plane unless I HAD to.

I can’t understand the need to take a dog cross country for a visit.


Thanks, the train is not an option for a 50lb dog.

It sounds more like a people problem than a dog problem. I doubt if the dog cares one way or the other. :dog:

I don’t either, but given that people seem to feel the need to take their dogs everywhere with them these days, I’m not surprised. I’ve seen more dogs (not service dogs) at stores like Home Depot these days it makes me crazy. Once I was at checkout out and this couple had both their large Yellow Labs with them. The dogs were laying on the floor and people couldn’t get by. The couple was completely oblivious. Finally, the guy in front of me asked them to move their dogs and the couple apologized. The guy responded with “next time why don’t you leave your f****** dogs at home where they belong”. I was thinking the exact same thing myself.

I would suggest dog can go in the cargo part of the plane or stay home.

Tell him to drive.

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Transporting my dog in cargo is $500 one way from ATL to Washington State . . . $1000 round trip. Airlines have been very “disorganized” in transporting dogs. In retrospect, I would not do it again. I’d drive.