The Grand Father Scam... Play it again Sam!

The hits keep coming. The Grandfather Scam… Play it again Sam!!!

This time I decided to play it different.
He said he was in an Accident in a Hospital… said not his fault… not sure why he needed an Attorney.

Obviously ,not the brightest bulb in the pack,
This time I tried another tactic.

After listening to his sob story…
He gave me the phone number of his attorney. 351 xxx xxxx.
I asked where he was… “Florida”
I said, why does your Attorney have a 351 Area Code? (MA!)
He hung up.

In the past I have referred to the caller as if I recognized the Voice “Hi Kevin”
And after the BS said i do not have a Grandson named Kevin.

Good Entertainment for us old foggies.

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It’s potentially dangerous entertainment. You are playing footsies with a pretty rough crowd. They have your phone number and have profiled you as responsive.

These guys sell this information and there’s a good chance that someone just a little more creepy with bad intentions will target you.