Hit the Daily Double this AM

I had just finished fixing Breakfast when the phone rang.
Yes, I know, I still answer… what us old folks were trained to do.

The caller informed me that the warranty on my 2013 Honda had expired… like I did not know that. My guess is that over the 9 years we have spent less for covered stuff (not tires and Oil Changes) than one year of their warranty and without the hassle of dealing with them. I bet writing Warranties on Hondas and Toyotas is a very profitable business.

About this time, my eggs were getting cold and the phone rang again. I picked it up and got… “Hi Granpa, how are you doing”. I have had this call before. My grandkids do not call me grandpa either.
So I released an Expletive and returned to my luke-warm eggs.

There ought to be a law… but it would likely not be enforced… what else is new.

Thanks for letting me vent, I feel better now.

On the car warranty call, when I ask if my newest vehicle is the one they are calling about, they always say yes. Then I tell them it’s a 2006 truck with over 250k miles, all I hear is a click.

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When I get those calls, I tell them my car is a 1939 Ford coupe. They used to stay on and say they were sorry, but did I have anything newer. I would tell them I had a 1956 Pontiac Sedan. THEN they hang up.

Got this call again… today.
Tried a different take.

"How are you KEVIN" same deal… accident, not his fault, gave me a case number, asked me to repeat it.

So how much do you need KEVIN? $15,000

At this point, I told him, “I do not have a Grankid named KEVIN

He hung up.

My grandson gave me a name that I doubt very many people have, so that’s an easy one for me to catch. I wish I got one so I could lead them on a while.

Do you like banging your head against a brick wall? I’m 64 and only answer the phone when I recognize the #. And even that is not a guarantee.

Now, maybe you like playing with these guys. I have more important things to do than small talk with these idiots.

This is exactly how I play it out every time…classic !!