Tello International Roaming

I purchased $20 in international roaming on June 12 for a trip to Aruba beginning June 15. I received email confirmation that I was signed up. I requested customer service help to go through the procedure before I left, but try as I might could not get the service to work after arriving in Aruba. I did call customer service a few more times and besides getting a different answer about how to proceed each time and receiving another email purporting to explain how to make “pay as you go” on Android it did nothing but cause me to keep using hotel wi fi. Several days into my trip on the evening of June 17 I received a text from Tello saying I was welcome to use my roaming. The first call I was able to make was on June 18. Tello does not accept responsibility for the lag saying I should have been more persistent in my calls for assistance. They also say that the reason roaming was not working between the date I paid for it, June 12 and June 18, the day I was first able to use it, was due to my own error in using wi fi! Really? I still have $ left on the account that will not be used because I have no plan to leave the country before the “pay as you go” expires in September. I think that this plan needs some freshening up in order to be consumer friendly. I am not happy with the assistance offered which varied from rep to rep. I think that under the circumstances Tello should be offering a rebate, not excuses.