- Failure to PORT in my phone number

I signed up for mobile phone service with TELLO.COM on July 18, 2023. They sent me a SIM card and assigned me a temporary number. It works great, however, they have been unable to PORT in my phone number. My number is a VoIP number. I have requested the PORT in three times. They submit the request with a 4-day due date. The outgoing provider has requested a 10-day due date. Tello is unable to do this. Tello tells me that they are not responsible for porting VoIP lines or land lines and they will not guarantee my request. My question is didn’t most of us start with a land line and take it to a mobile carrier to be able to keep their number? I recommend that you do NOT use Tello if you plan to PORT your land line or VoIP line to them.

A neighbor wanted to port their landline to a VOIP provider. The losing carrier was a state-wide telephone company. Because of the type of phone service (it was a virtual number) the Telco had issues figuring out what the physical address was for us to give that to the VOIP carrier. The VOIP carrier just passes the info to their carrier. That means that probably Tello uses some upstream carrier for telephone calls. The porting is pretty much an automated servive. You have to get a human involved, perhaps with a conference call.

What I did when the process stalled and neither old or new carrier could complete the handoff, I filed an ‘unofficial’ complaint with the FCC. This forced the carriers to get their act together and magically the problem was solved in a few days.

(INFO) Filing an Informal Complaint | Federal Communications Commission

You are having a porting issue between two carriers. Briefly explain the problem and hopefully see a response soon. The carriers HATE having the FCC involved.

Thank you I will call the FCC.


That’s a shame because other than that, Tello is a good service.
I hope you get the issue resolved.

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