Synchrony/Rooms to Go promotional fee notice

If you made a purchase at Rooms to Go with a 0% promotional interest rate for 5 years and are on autopay you may have missed a note from Synchrony.

The Promotional Fee changes will take effect on the later of xxx (not sure all will be the same)

You have the right to reject the changes other than any changes to the APR(s), if shown in the table below. However, if you do reject the changes that you are allowed to reject, you will not be able to use your account for new transactions. You can reject the changes by calling us at 855-696-1247.

The promotional fee for me is 2%. You just have to call the number and close the account for new purchases and your 0% will remain intact. Make sure to pay the balance before the Promotional Expiration Date to avoid a zillion dollars of accrued interest.