Social Security ####

And just who is the Tax Foundation? "…described as business-friendly, conservative, and center-right. "

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Agree – wages vs investment income being taxes differently favors the wealthy/ultra-wealthy many of whom have no wages.

Here’s an interesting group: Patriotic Millionaires – The Patriotic Millionaires is a group of high-net worth Americans committed to building a more prosperous, stable, and inclusive nation.

Also, Chuck Collins is an interesting person to follow/read.
Chuck Collins - Institute for Policy Studies (

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Uh, “center-right,” I don’t think so. Some of policies they support are more “crazy-right.”

(Yawn)…the data reported is from the IRS and clearly cited in Table 1 of the article. You should try to become an independent thinker. Here, I will even provide the direct IRS reference for you:

You may want to research the IRS…they could also be a business-friendly, conservative, and center-right organization. :rofl: .

“Patriotic” people are always welcome to submit gifts to the US Treasury if they believe the Federal Government is a good steward of their money.

The GOP is becoming splintered. I am very moderate, used to consider myself fairly conservative…for the most part, my positions have not changed. As a whole, the party has shifted quite a bit to the right, and quite a bit to the more authoritarian extremes.


The GOP used to view Russia as the Evil Empire, and now it’s the opposite. I used to agree with some conservative ideas, but the GOP has become conspiracy-theory minded, without regard to facts. And they’ve become authoritarian - admiring cruel tyrants and dictators.

They also channel people’s anger and anxiety. Unfortunately, people listen more to those who stir up anger than those who present facts and perspective–I guess people like the drama? As a thinking person, I can’t listen to the stuff Rs make up about their “enemies”, and how un-“christian” Rs have become.

It’s really sad, because we need different ideas to hash out solutions to the problems we are faced with, but Rs won’t discuss anything rationally, and will not do anything bipartisan. We need a rational conservative voice, and we don’t have that because most moderate Rs are afraid to speak out.


Many would say that goes both ways…

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It definitely goes both ways…and to pretend otherwise is ignorant.

I see a shift towards authoritarianism in both liberals and conservatives. And an unwillingness to find common ground.


Maybe if you read the news, you would understand why many want to take some allocated money from the IRS.

In one of the many exorbitant recent spending bills, Congress allocated 87 Billion new dollars to the IRS for increased enforcement. In recent history, the IRS has been used to harass political opponents, and that is what the current talk about defunding is about. Also, the IRS has recently spent millions on guns and ammunition, and advertised for workers “willing to use lethal force.” Wanna defund that?

I agree the IRS is poorly managed.

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Your thinking is the result of very biased news and believing what others say about the GOP. Very few Republicans say Russia and Putin are good - but we have the brains to know that Ukraine is corrupt and not so good either. Most GOP Senators snd Congressmen voted for much of the (no one knows where it went) billions sent to Ukraine for the war. Ukraine has long been a favorite place to launder money and it’s almost certain, Zalenskyy is personally getting very rich snd a lot of that money is going to circle back to US politicians.

Many on the Right also recognize that Putin aggression into Ukraine was not without some justification, such as US funded bio/weapons labs in Ukraine near the Russian border. And that ethnic Russians in the Dombas region were often under attack by certain Ukrainians including a lot of modern Nazis.

If you would actually look at the policies of the Democrats, instead of just the hate the press spews on the GOP, you would see why there is little to work together on.

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The chasm between the left and right will cause serious problems unless they solve it.

Of course each side blames the other so I’m not convinced it will happen. Certainly not until the heads of both parties are replaced with leaders who want the best for the country and not their own power-mad, whining party.

Think back to 2013, the gang of 8 bipartisan proposal for immigration reform. Who obstructed it? McConnell, Boehner. Why? They didn’t want Dems to have a win, they want to complain about immigration but not solve it. Dems do it, but Rs have made it their platform.

Fox news? OAN? RT? all Russian talking points, not facts.
Bio weapon labs disproven, below.

Theory About U.S.-Funded Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine Is Unfounded - The New York Times (

North Korea, Russia, Hungary, Turkey, Phillipines – all authoritarian regimes the Rs “like”.
What authoritarian regimes are touted on the liberal side?

Using the 2022 Qualified Dividend and Capital Gain worksheet, if one’s AGI without qualified dividends and long term capital gains is less than $41,675 single or $83,350 joint, qualified dividends and l-t capital gains are taxed at zero and the other income is taxed as ordinary income. If one’s total AGI above $459,750 single or $517,200, all qualified dividends and l-t capital gains are taxed at 20%. Between those AGI amounts, qualified dividends and l-t capital gains are taxed at 15%.

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Probably the worst state to live in… Hawaii. We don’t have a Sales Tax, we have a General Excise Tax.

Four U.S. states (Hawaii, South Dakota, New Mexico, West Virginia) tax services by default, with exceptions only for services specifically exempted in the law.

HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii residents paid more than double the national average in state taxes in 2020, a Hawaii public policy thinktank found.

Using data from the National Association of State Budget Officers and the U.S. Census Bureau, the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii found the per capita burden for Hawaii is $5,428 in 2020, which is compared to national averages of $2,664 in 2020.

Researchers said the data shows that Hawaii’s general excise tax was responsible for the largest share of the state tax burden. They said because the tax is regressive, those in the lowest economic brackets pay a large portion of their income to the state.

“Everyone talks about the high cost of living in Hawaii and how it forces so many of our friends and family to leave for the mainland. But here we see one of the biggest reasons for that high cost of living: Hawaii’s sky-high taxes,” said Kelii Akina, Grassroot Institute president and CEO.

Then the wealthy pay enormous taxes too. According to Hawaii.Gov: Hawaii’s individual income tax is progressive | Department of Taxation

Higher income groups pay more in taxes relative to their income in Hawaii.

A progressive tax structure is defined as one where higher income taxpayers pay a larger percentage of their income in taxes. By this metric, Hawaii’s individual income tax is clearly progressive.

I would love to see a state (and Federal) tax structure based upon consumption (point of sale).

You need to turn off MSNBC :crazy_face:

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Me too brother … but the Left will go crazy complaining its regressive. They only want the 1% to pay taxes…no one else.

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