Sites to Giveaway Items Not Needed

Clark has mentioned sites where you can giveaway things you don’t use anymore. I searched his site and can’t find these, I’m probably not using the right terms. Can anyone tell me the names of these sites?


freecycle comes to mind

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I did some poking around and that is the site I found. I thought there might be another one, but maybe not.

If the items are still usable, why not donate them to a organization that can use or resell them?

That’s what freecycle is. Except substitute “neighbor” for “organization.”

Many local areas have a “Buy Nothing (local area)” page on Facebook. I’m not a fan of Facebook (I only use it for organizations that I keep tabs on). But the Buy Nothing page has worked well for me.

There’s also a Buy Nothing webpage: BNProject | Home (

I have also used Craigslist and Freecycle.

All of them have been good for giving away items.
Be prepared for no-shows, but most people will follow through. As always, be cautious.

I’ve even given away repairable items!

I had a floor lamp, excellent condition, but it had a type of bulb that is no longer made. I advertised it that someone with some electric know-how needs to re-wire the bulb socket. A guy took it and rewired it, and has a nice lamp! ( he followed up with an email!)

Thrift stores might not have repaired it.

I believe freecyale and buynothing were the sites I was looking for. Thanks

In some communities there are ReStore, whioch is run by Habitat For Humanity/ I actually submitted a Clark Stinks for not mentioning it when he talked about donations of items. Clark volunteers at Habitat For Humanity building houses.

Every trip I see something interesting whether it is electrical wire or furniture or whatever.

We use Savers, City Thrift, Goodwill.

Next Door is good for listing items you want to give away.

Some times we just pin a “free” sign on it and put the item at the curb.

I have a 6-month-old clean Samsung gas cooktop that I wanted to donate to Habitat and they said they may or may not take it and that they would let me know if they could take it off my hands. I told them to forget it, I didn’t need any favors!

Aren’t those around $1000 new? Surprised they did not jump on it. Maybe they are overdonated/short-staffed.

Did they say you could drop it off?

In our area the Restore does not accept used dishwashers because they don’t have the ability to verify they are in working order. Might be something similar with a used cooktop.

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I told them to forget it, I didn’t need any favors!

Maybe they have their reasons.
So they didn’t jump and do your bidding, so you got an attitude? That’s an interesting spirit of giving.