I'm looking for some help locating legitimate charities

I’m hoping to get some guidance for some charitable giving. I’m building a house, with my daughter, on a lot where I currently reside in an existing house. Since we’re combining households, we’ll have some duplicate furniture, household goods, tools, microwave, etc. In addition I have a used pool table that is in good shape but won’t move to the new house. I’m trying to find a legitimate charity that, once the possessions I’m keeping are moved out, could come in and then they can take whatever the feel is useful. They could even tear the copper piping from the wall as the current structure will be completely demolished. Anything that is left would be taken away during demolition.

I’m wanting to locate a secular charity, that hopefully helps wounded or homeless warriors, but I’m willing to consider any good charity. For example, in my normal giving, the 3 charities that I support the most to are Save The Children, Toco Hills Alliance (the local food pantry), and my University, Penn State.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have no idea how to research this.

Friends, family, churches, fire dept, big brothers & sisters, CASA volunteers and homeless shelters.

Also Habitat for Humanity and Goodwill.